History of Naitmaric in Canon

When the stories are being released and there is plenty of content, I will start to write down the history of the planet in canon.


History of Naitmaric in Real Life

When I started to sign up for conventions, I knew I didn't want to go with a majourity of the characters I already created — their stories were much further down the line and no where near READY to debut to the public, at least not further than my deviantART and my website. I contemplated for a while what I wanted to do for the characters. I remembered I had been coming up with this world where nightmarish beings lived that would one day end up being invaded by good-intentioned humans and it would cause a conflict. The world didn't really have a concept beyond that at the time, so I decided to run with that, as well as a kind of parallel world where elementals (especially fairies) lived. I began to create up characters and started assigning them personalities and roles, ultimately forming what is now known as Naitmaric and Fairolk.


I consider Naitmaric and Fairolk (at least, how they currently are) storylines to fall before the Earth year of 1600 CE. I wanted them to be before my "core" stories, but still link to them. Yes, much of the clothing looks really modern...and there is a reason for that. If you continue browsing the website, you'll find out why. Other than a slight oversight (not majour because I DID keep in mind the era, buuuut it didn't quite pan out correctly...just bare with me).


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