Victorina - Chibi

Victorina was born into a family with a long history of pottery-making. Although she had natural skills for her family's trade, she fell in love with herbology after she found out how her absolute favourite thing in the world — apples — were grown. At 604 years old, Victorina had been gathering mushrooms on a full moon in a territory she had not realized was protected by werewolves in the middle of the night when she was attacked by one, leaving a huge scar across her abdomen. She was swiftly saved by a vampire, who captured both her 604-year-old heart and mind. Further alienating herself from her friends and family, Victorina enthuastically began to study vampires and continued to fall even more in love with them. She became known — for better or for worse — as a Vampire Enthuasist. On her 1900th birthday, the vampire council attended to ask if she would like to become a vampire. Victorina took this oppurtunity and said yes!


She lives at Hadley's manner, along with Cian. She primarily maintains the gardens (including her precious apple tree that had been on the verge of death when she arrived), cooks, bakes, and helps Hadley out with any sort of plants he may need for his experiements.


She is aquantiences with Carwyn, who she often butts heads with due to similar personalities: when it comes down to it, both Victorina and Carwyn are full of themselves. However, Victorina is not oblivious. She's significantly more sarcastic, blunt, and complains a heck of a lot more.


In nightmares, she is a vampire mistress who seduces young men into her quarters, only to suck their blood and turn them into vampires.


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