Seaborn - Chibi

Seirian fell in love with the sports of Naitmaric when she watched a couple of older kids play in the center of the main village square, causing her to work over time to become one of the greatest players of all time. She is well known for randomly starting games, especially in the surrounding forests, as well as lounging in her favourite patch of trees by the sea. While her timing in sports is rather great, she tends to miss timing in all other situations, takes what people say too seriously, and is blunt, although her words are softer in comparison to someone like her friend, Seamay. Seirian is also the child of two Recorders — people with the omnipresent ability that keep a spiritual record book of everything that happens to certain people and places they are assigned to by the universe at birth. Seirian is also a Recorder, so by nature, she tends to not care about gossip or talking too much about other people. There are very few people who know she is a Recorder, as it is normally something people keep quiet about.


Seirian is best friends with Seamay, Seaborn, Matison, and several others, mostly all into sports like she is.


In nightmares, she generally just falls into a generic witch role of cursing/hexing.


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