Seamay - Chibi
Seamay is an angel mermaid who has lost most of her angelic personality from being on Naitmaric for so long and being a participant in nightmares. She has a beautiful singing voice that has the power to heal and to calm with a single note, often lending it to sea plants and creatures in need of it. She may also lend it to her land friends as well, although she is typically more hesitant. She is impatient and blunt for the most part, not being afraid to say exactly what's on her mind.


She's best friends with Seaborn, Seraphim, and Seirian. She's also friends with Carwyn, despite finding him an annoying idiot.


In nightmares, she often lures sailors and fishermen to their death. She's seen so often in nightmares (merpeople aren't terribly common on Naitmaric), that sailors on the same ship may see her in the same night!


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