Hadley - Chibi
Hadley was only 1500 years old when he snuck into a prestige vampire's house to try and steal a baby vampire tooth from one of the newer vampires, only to get caught and turned into a vampire! He tried for the longest time not to let his parents — a medicine woman and a potion-maker/part-time alchmeist — know, but when he collapsed, the prestige vampire introduced himself and kindly informed his parents of the transformation and took him in. Hadley, not wanting to drink blood, worked hard to create an alternatative...and succeeded. He presented it to the vampire council and single-handedly changed the vampire world forever. No longer to vampires have to hunt down prey! No longer did they have to force people to become vampires! Eventually granted an old manor from a former vampire council member who had, on a rare occasion on Naitmaric, actually died, Hadley converted the ballroom into his labororty or works with the vampire council on new items for helping vampires, as well as his own experiences.


At 6000 years old, he houses Victorina and Cian in his manor.


In nightmares, Hadley tends to appear as a mad scientist who is a vampire. His nightmare version tends to lure a lot of young woman into being experimented on due to his boyish figure.


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