Etheriel - Chibi
Etheriel was an Angel of Spiritual Awakening, being available on site on a person was supposed to awaken to their spiritual destiny. While he never knew the full extent of the details until shortly before his non-linear timeline missions, he always knew he was there for guidance to each indiviudal he visited. He had been kind-hearted, caring, gentle, and lovingly firm. However, during one of his missions into our present time, he witnessed the decapitation of a motorcycle/trailer truck crash. The mortality of the living struck him in that particular moment and curiousity latched onto him. He initally started to kill animals for experimentation, but eventually turned to killing humans and wrecking havoc because he found it more satisifying. He met Aldister the Demon in his earlier days of killing, causing the two to be in a never-ending battle of life v.s. death.


While Etheriel does not appear in nightmares, his *origin body resides in Naitmaric. It is one of his favourite places to be as sometimes people who receive the nightmares of Naitmaric would end up with a spiritual awakening. He also watches over a witch of a once-revevered-and-respected family that is no doubt intricatly involved with.


*Origin bodies are the original forms of spirutual beings. It's where all versions of them stem from. He's kind of like a pin in the center of all of time and space, while other versions of him are out and about, attached by ribbons, but he still stands at the center.


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